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Are You Ready For Taylor Swift And BloodPop’s New Remix?

After spending an impressive 13 weeks on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart, Taylor Swift‘s “…Ready For It?” is getting a makeover. On Wednesday (December 6), BloodPop put a fresh spin on reputation‘s second single, transforming the anthem into quite the banger. (I never thought I’d write “Taylor Swift” and “banger” in the same sentence, but here we are.)

BloodPop, you may remember, also produced Justin Bieber’s “Friends” last August. Before that, he worked with artists as varied as Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, HAIM, Fifth Harmony, and Madonna. His “…Ready For It?” remix keeps Tay’s fierce lyrics in the spotlight, but he added a drop after the chorus that’ll get both humans and cyborgs off their feet.

Swift is pretty protective of her songs, as she should be, but keep your fingers crossed that more reputation remixes or reinventions are in the works. Ryan Adams did get to cover 1989 in its entirety, after all.

To hear more about Tay’s new era, including the symbolism behind her “…Ready For It?” music video, watch the MTV News video below.

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