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5 groups who may get no relief from the GOP tax bill


Getty Images/iStockphoto Republicans say they want their tax code to give middle-class Americans a break, but some analysts are warning a few vulnerable groups may not get relief. The biggest winners under the GOP tax plan, released on Thursday, are corporations and the rich, according to both the Institute on …

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7 retailers doing the most holiday hiring


Getty Images/iStockphoto Americans who are looking for a job over the holidays may be in luck: Retailers are ramping up seasonal hiring this year. They’re potentially hiring in greater volume this holiday season, hinting that they expect a busy shopping season, according to new research from Employers typically start …

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The top 7 jobs with the fastest-growing salaries


Getty Images Wage stagnation has been a big problem for many American workers since the recession, but a few jobs are bucking the trend. The occupations with the fastest-growing salaries aren’t necessarily the top-paying jobs in the U.S., but they represent roles that employers need to fill and are willing …

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The 9 most underpaid jobs in America


Getty Images/iStockphoto When Americans buy a home, they compare the prices of similar houses in the same area. But when it comes to securing a new job, many may fail to do their research and end up leaving money on the table. The typical worker is earning about $7,500 less …

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The 9 most lucrative college majors


Getty Images/iStockphoto Recent advice in landing a top-paying job has steered college students to so-called STEM degrees, or science, technology, engineering and math. But new research from career site LinkedIn finds that’s not always the right move. While many of the majors linked to top-paying jobs are in the STEM …

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7 traits of people who struggle financially


Getty Images/iStockphoto Despite a strong job market and growing economy, the post-recession years haven’t been kind to many Americans. More than 40 percent of Americans describe themselves as struggling to keep ahead of their bills, according to a new survey from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which based its analysis …

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7 best cities for job seekers in 2017


Getty Images/iStockphoto Job hunters often narrow their searches to America’s biggest cities, but they might want to cast a glance at some of the country’s midsize metropolises. The best locations tend to be smaller, Midwestern cities where jobs are plentiful, the cost of living is within reach and worker satisfaction …

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6 things to avoid buying over Labor Day


Getty Images/iStockphoto Labor Day sales may deliver some great deals, but shoppers shouldn’t forget this ever useful piece of consumer advice: “Buyer beware.” Retailers are offering deep discounts to lure consumers, who they hope will open their wallets to buy higher-margin items. Stores are under increasing pressure this year to …

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The 7 U.S. cities where your money will go the farthest


Getty Images/iStockphoto Americans with career aspirations tend to migrate to big cities, where pay is higher and more job opportunities. Yet that salary might not go as far as people think, especially in large cities with a high cost of living. In fact, workers might want to consider finding work …

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The top 10 jobs for Americans without college degrees


Getty Images/iStockphoto The labor market may be changing, valuing workers with college degrees over those with lower education levels. Yet that doesn’t mean that good jobs aren’t available for Americans with only a high school degree or some college, such as an associate’s degree. The majority of workers fall into …

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