Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Death in Kansas blamed on flash flooding


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Several streets were flooded and blocked off from traffic in the Kansas City area on Tuesday after overnight rains pounded the region, prompting numerous rescues of stranded motorists and others who scrambled to safety atop rooftops.  Authorities say 56-year-old Robert Dean Schoenhals, of Pleasanton, drowned after …

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Head knocked off Confederate statue in cemetery


COLUMBUS, Ohio — Police say a Confederate soldier statue at a cemetery in Ohio has been damaged by vandals who took its head.  Columbus police say vandals appear to have climbed on an arched memorial at Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery and toppled the statue atop the monument to the ground. …

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Mom protests school dress code as son grows hair to donate


When Faye Abunijmeh’s 9-year-old son, Habib, started growing out his curly hair to donate to cancer patients, she never thought the good deed could backfire. But according to the mother from Joshua, Texas, that’s exactly what happened. Abunijmeh says Joshua Independent School District (JISD) told her the young boy’s long …

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German police seize ecstasy tabs in shape of Trump's head


Tablets of ecstasy featuring President Donald Trump’s likeness and name were seized by German police on Saturday with a sales value worth 39,000 euros or over $45,000.  According to police officials, a car with Austrian registration traveling toward Hanover was pulled over for a registration check, and police subsequently found …

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Did the solar eclipse damage your eyes?


Many watchers of Monday’s solar eclipse may have glanced at the sun without proper eye protection, if only for a brief moment. This can be dangerous, as looking directly at the sun can cause eye damage. But how do you know if you’ve hurt your eyes? The solar eclipse wowed viewers across …

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