Saturday , October 21 2017
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How one police department is tackling cop bias


By its very nature, police work can put officers in the middle of highly-charged situations that sometimes run the risk of escalating into violence. Now, one police department is looking to better train its officers to keep such confrontations from getting out of control. The Milwaukee Police Department’s effort to …

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In Trump's Washington, revolving door keeps on spinning


WASHINGTON —   The “60 Minutes” / Washington Post investigation of the opioid epidemic exposed the roles played by former drug regulators who went to work for the drug industry. During the Obama administration, some Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) officials began running into roadblocks in their efforts to combat the opioid …

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School honoring Confederate icon gets historic new name


JACKSON, Miss. — Students who wanted historic change in Jackson, Mississippi, are teaching a lesson in civics. The Jefferson Davis Magnate School is the pride of the Jackson Public School District. It’s one of the best performing public elementary schools in the state of Mississippi.  But for some parents, like …

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What we know about the deadly ambush in Niger


PENTAGON — The American soldiers killed in Niger were helping that country’s military combat Islamic militants. The exact details of the Niger ambush have been slow to emerge, including the military’s immediate response. After the bodies of three American soldiers were brought out, Pentagon officials believed that Sgt. La David Johnson …

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