Wednesday , January 17 2018
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GE could break up, CEO hints


Last Updated Jan 16, 2018 12:45 PM EST General Electric (GE), for decades an industrial bellwether in the U.S., is considering breaking up. In a special call with analysts on Tuesday to discuss the company’s lackluster results, CEO John Flannery acknowledged that a breakup is one strategic option GE is …

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Inside the effort to save cold-stunned sea turtles


Millions of Americans face another cold snap this week, but humans aren’t the only ones suffering. The cold is putting reptiles like sea turtles in a comatose state. CBS News’ Michelle Miller visited the Gulf World Marine Institute in Panama City Beach, Florida, which in an average year treats and …

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Inside America's first solar-powered town


Families are starting to move into what is being called America’s first solar-powered town. Babcock Ranch, about half an hour northeast of Fort Myers, Florida, is supposed to produce more energy than it consumes once it’s finished. There are more than 300,000 solar panels spread across 440 acres there, producing …

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Time to revisit Roth vs. traditional IRA and 401(k)


Here’s another financial matter to consider now that the U.S. has a new tax law: Do you know which is better for you — a Roth IRA or Roth 401(k) account, or a traditional IRA or traditional 401(k) account? As with many tax issues, there’s no pat answer that applies …

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Couple charged with locking up their 13 children


Last Updated Jan 15, 2018 8:02 PM EST Police in California say they rescued 13 siblings, aged 2 to 29, from a home where they were found chained to beds and malnourished, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department announced Monday. The victims’ parents were arrested and taken to county jail on …

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Hawaii's false alarm shines spotlight on alert systems


WASHINGTON — For members of the generation raised during the Cold War, the threat of a nuclear attack was ever-present. But today’s warheads are many times more powerful and deadly, and information comes faster than ever, raising the risks of a panicked public. Analysts call this the nightmare scenario — …

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"I'm crying my eyes out": Family's reaction to false missile alert


HONOLULU — Officials in Hawaii are trying to figure out how to prevent another accidental emergency alert after residents and tourists were erroneously warned of an impending missile attack over the weekend. The false alarm has become a wake-up call for those responsible for security in the state. On Monday, …

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Crisis continues for Rohingya Muslims languishing at refugee camp


COX’S BAZAR, Bangladesh — More than half a million Rohingya Muslims fled their homes in Burma after Burmese soldiers attacked and burned their villages last year. They fled here, to Cox’s Bazar in neighboring Bangladesh, establishing a refugee camp that has grown to be the largest in the world.  Diseases …

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