Wednesday , January 17 2018
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How gerrymandering transformed U.S. politics


Federal judges this past week ordered a redrawing of the lines between Congressional Districts in North Carolina, while the Supreme Court agreed to hear an appeal of a similar ruling in Texas. And then there’s Pennsylvania — which features a Congressional map that, some critics say, looks like a cartoon. …

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Death of retail jobs may be greatly exaggerated


Has the death of retail been greatly exaggerated? The 18,000 retailers and 600 exhibitors gathered at this week’s National Retail Federation convention in New York certainly think so. The world’s largest retail trade association, the NRF represents companies in all categories and channels, from Amazon to Walmart and lots of …

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Dollhouse crime scenes


An exhibit in Washington is taking visitors to The SCENE OF THE CRIME … and though what you’re about to see isn’t real, some of the images ARE troubling. Erin Moriarty, who’s covered many an actual crime scene for “48 Hours,” is our guide: A warning before stepping inside the …

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Trump wants more immigrants from Norway? One problem


President Trump suggested he’d prefer to see “more people from places like Norway” immigrate to the U.S., according to accounts of his now-infamous Oval Office conversation with congressional leaders Thursday on immigration reform. There’s one big problem with this: Norwegians apparently aren’t so enamored of life in America.  Immigration from …

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Faith Salie on when POTUS uses "$#!?hole" language


A word rarely heard in polite company ricocheted around the world this past week, attracting the notice of our Faith Salie: I’m sorry to use this kind of language on “Sunday Morning,” but I’m only quoting our president. This week, he reportedly called Haiti, El Salvador, and places in Africa …

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"Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite"


And now a page from our “Sunday Morning” Almanac: January 14th, 1973, 45 years ago today — the night that saw the broadcast of “Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite,” a cancer benefit concert billed as the world’s first live satellite concert by a solo artist. Elvis Presley performing in …

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How two university students are battling fake news


BERKELEY, C.A. – At the University of California, Berkeley, two juniors studying computer science are battling fake news. “One of the things we wanted to see was where did this fake news originate from,” said Rohan Phadte. “How did it become so popular?” Digging deep into Twitter, Ash Bhat and …

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Students decide the time was right to right a wrong


POCONOS, Pa. – At the Mount Airy Resort in the Poconos of Pennsylvania, reverend Gilbert Caldwell and his wife, Grace, arrived recently for their second honeymoon. They were greeted warmly — a sharp contrast to their first visit, 60 years earlier. In 1957 they were married in North Carolina, then …

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3 reasons the 2018 stock market rally is downright weird


Remember this moment: Wall Streed is in the midst of one of the strongest starts to a new year in history. And it comes off 2017’s “perfect year” that saw the S&P 500 rise on a total-return basis every month. That has never happened before.  Transportation stocks are leading the …

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