Monday , May 29 2017
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Save The Seapunks


In Stanislaw Lem’s 1961 novel Solaris, a sentient, oceanic planet gives birth to the deepest shames of the astronauts who visit it. Whatever guilt the explorers carry in their minds emerges from the sea: abandoned babies, dead wives, secret lovers all appear light-years from home to wander the research base. …

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What Was Our Problem With Lana Del Rey?


Five years ago, Lana Del Rey was having a rough time in the press. Reviews of her major-label debut, Born to Die, were mixed at best, and the SNL performance that should have been a crowning moment in her still-new career was instead roundly criticized. Even SNL itself spoofed her …

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Breaking Down Halsey’s Obsession With Romeo And Juliet


This rabbit hole goes deep, but basically, fans believe they’ve found the real Romeo in Halsey’s life: Zach Merritt, an ex she’s periodically sung about since her first EP. Merritt reportedly owns the HFK website, and as Billboard pointed out, Halsey wrote “HFK” in his Badlands thank-you note. He’s also …

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Ed Sheeran Has Heard Harry Styles’s New Songs


Ed Sheeran can write a damn good song, and Harry Styles knows that. So when the 1D alum got to work on his solo album, he decided to share some tunes with a fellow Brit. “He’s [Sheeran’s] one of the most talented dudes I know,” Styles recently told BBC Radio …

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