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TSA becomes an Instagram star


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has become an unlikely star on Instagram, with a huge number of followers and more than 3 million “likes.”  CBS News correspondent Kris Van Cleave reports the account shares funny, educational posts about what travelers can and cannot bring onto planes.  The TSA is not …

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Cashier’s act of kindness leaves foster mom speechless


It was late on a Friday night and Nicholas Tate was nearing the end of his shift at Walmart when the line at his checkout counter started grow. The 20-year-old cashier from Newcastle, Oklahoma, patiently waited as each customer placed their items on the conveyor belt. A woman surrounded by …

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World-class athlete takes unusual approach to help drug addicts


Lawmakers and activists are exploring new ways to treat substance abuse as the opioid crisis sweeps across the nation.  A world-class athlete is developing an unconventional approach in Wyoming by taking addicts outdoors.  CBS News correspondent Jeff Glor reports exposing addicts to the elements could help them recover.  Jackson Hole …

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How 2 bodies in Swiss glacier stayed mummified for 75 years


Last week, during a routine inspection tour, a ski-lift technician for the Swiss adventure resort Glacier 3000 found what he thought was a collection of black rocks near the Tsanfleuron glacier in the western Bernese Alps, reported The New York Times. Upon close inspection, though, he discovered that the rocks …

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Using diet to counter the effects of multiple sclerosis


A new study of multiple sclerosis patients examines how a strict diet may ease the symptoms of the disease.  MS, a potentially disabling disease of the central nervous system, affects about 400,000 people in the U.S., and is two to three times more common among women. Current treatments may have …

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Saudi woman arrested after wearing miniskirt in video


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Police in Saudi Arabia have arrested a young woman who wore a miniskirt in public and posted the video online, sparking backlash from people who say she flagrantly violated the kingdom’s conservative Islamic dress code. Saudi Arabia’s state-run TV reported Tuesday that police in the …

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