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The 9 most underpaid jobs in America


Getty Images/iStockphoto When Americans buy a home, they compare the prices of similar houses in the same area. But when it comes to securing a new job, many may fail to do their research and end up leaving money on the table. The typical worker is earning about $7,500 less …

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The 7 U.S. cities where your money will go the farthest


Getty Images/iStockphoto Americans with career aspirations tend to migrate to big cities, where pay is higher and more job opportunities. Yet that salary might not go as far as people think, especially in large cities with a high cost of living. In fact, workers might want to consider finding work …

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These are the 5 best and worst U.S. states to grow old


Getty Images/iStockphoto Retirement is often portrayed in advertising as active senior citizens enjoying the beach or a day at the golf course. But how realistic is that? Perhaps not very, since many Americans may enter retirement relatively active and healthy yet are likely to need long-term care or assistance as …

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11 jobs with the biggest share of older workers


iStockphoto For evidence of the graying of America, look no further than the country’s workforce. Older people are working at higher rates than they did a decade ago, while the U.S. economy still hasn’t recovered from its post-recession decline in workforce participation. Some older Americans may not be ready to …

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9 U.S. zip codes with highest real estate returns


monkeybusinessimages Homeowners and real estate investors alike share at least one goal: to see their properties appreciate in value. Yet the run-up in the U.S. housing market in some parts of the country has raised concerns about valuations and whether it still makes sense to buy, said Steve Hovland, director …

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The 9 most in-demand jobs that pay more than $100,000


phototechno A six-figure job is often seen as the hallmark of success, but how difficult is it to find one? Workers in certain high-paying professions are likely to face a tougher time securing a job, based on a combination of demand, skills and industry trends. Many of the six-figure jobs …

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9 jobs with the fastest wage growth


adrian825 The post-recession years haven’t been kind to many workers, with all but the top-earners suffering from years of wage stagnation. That trend may be shifting, thanks to a tight labor market that’s putting pressure on companies to compete for workers, including in some entry-level fields. Minimum wage hikes in …

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9 college majors with the biggest gender pay gap


Mirko Popadic, Getty Images/iStockphoto The gender pay gap is largely understood by economists to be an enduring problem in the labor market, but the causes continue to spark debate. Occupational sorting, or how women and men sift themselves into traditional “female” and “male” jobs, is one explanation for why women …

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America's 11 highest paying careers in 2017


Jakub Jirsak, Getty Images/iStockphoto Even though the U.S. economy is growing, many Americans continue to struggle with stagnating wages and few opportunities for professional growth. So where are the jobs that pay well and offer strong career paths? Most of them are clustering in a handful of fast-growing industries, such …

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9 jobs with the oldest American workers


Getty Images/iStockphoto America is showing its age. The county is increasingly getting older, and population growth is expected to slow and tilt toward the oldest age groups by 2050. The demographic shift will affect everything from demand for health care services to the shape of the workforce, which already is …

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