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When food is used as a weapon


This month Saudi Arabia tightened a stranglehold on the neighboring country of Yemen and 7 million people face starvation. The Saudi blockade is an escalation in Yemen’s civil war. The United Nations says the war has now become a “man-made catastrophe.” You’ve seen very little of this because the Saudis …

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The little spacecraft that could


When you think of legendary voyages of discovery you probably think of Columbus and Magellan, or Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. But what may be the greatest journey of exploration mankind has ever undertaken is happening right now. It began in 1977 when NASA launched two spacecraft named Voyager …

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Amsterdam, first city of the modern age


It’s the fishing village that grew to become one of the largest ports in Europe: capital of the Netherlands, birthplace of the modern stock market, home to Rembrandt, Vincent Van Gogh and Anne Frank. Jane Pauley explores Amsterdam:  Perhaps the best way to tour this city is by boat, along …

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Gouda cheesemaking: A Dutch family tradition


What could be more authentically Dutch than the wooden shoe? A wheel of Gouda cheese, perhaps?  Jane Pauley decided to check out both: Away from the historic canals, on the outskirts of Amsterdam, life starts early at the Clara Maria Farm. Every day since he was a boy, Kees-Jan van …

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BMW's Art Cars: A blend of art and speed


Anthony Mason paints a picture of race car art: Unveiled at Art Basel in Miami in November, it was tearing up the track in Daytona in January: The BMW M6 painted by renowned artist John Baldessari is a high-performance racing machine. As BMW Motorsport’s director put it, “On the outside, …

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Iran's election pits liberal reformer vs. hardliner


TEHRAN — Iran voted for a new president on Friday, with results yet to come in. The campaign had a familiar theme: The populist facing the incumbent. This race came down to a clear choice between the current moderate President Hassan Rouhani, whose promises for liberal reforms appeal to young people, …

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Keeping Holland's fabled tulips alive


Jane Pauley visits a place where one of the Netherlands’ most recognizable hallmarks is lovingly preserved: The church bells in the Dutch village of Limmen have been ringing on Sundays since the 13th century. And hidden in the shadow of a Protestant Reformed Church is another piece of this country’s …

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Farmers fear impact of U.S. exit from NAFTA


WASHINGTON – Some of the staunchest resistance to President Donald Trump’s threats to abandon the North American Free Trade Agreement could come from some of his staunchest supporters: farmers. Farm Country is on red alert over the Trump regime’s position on the pact, which the president has characterized as a …

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