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How two university students are battling fake news


BERKELEY, C.A. – At the University of California, Berkeley, two juniors studying computer science are battling fake news. “One of the things we wanted to see was where did this fake news originate from,” said Rohan Phadte. “How did it become so popular?” Digging deep into Twitter, Ash Bhat and …

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Trump's immigration crackdown causes some to rethink their vote


Roberto Beristain, who has no criminal record, was deported after illegally coming to the U.S. nearly 20 years ago. His wife and children are U.S. citizens. The number of people caught trying to cross the Southern border has dropped 60 percent in the first three months of President Trump’s administration. …

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Ex-hedge fund manager founds school in Somaliland


The mission of Abaarso School of Science and Technology is to produce the future leaders of Somaliland. Almost 90 percent of Abaarso’s first graduating class got accepted to international colleges, including in the U.S. If President Trump’s travel ban goes into effect, the next group of Abaarso students headed for American universities …

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Ex-Gov. McDonnell: I didn't know what a Rolex cost to be honest


When he and his wife accepted $177,000 worth of gifts and loans from a wealthy man seeking the governor’s help on a business venture, the overworked and indebted governor of Virginia “appreciated” his generosity. But the former governor, Bob McDonnell, says he would not accept such gifts if he could …

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Judge Alex Kozinski’s advice for President Trump


Judge Kozinski warns that when any litigant, including Trump, insults a judge it only highlights the weakness of their position. In weighing the travel ban, Judge Kozinski says fellow judges should not hold elected officials like President Trump hostage to what they said while campaigning. Capital punishment should be by …

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Horse racing not for the faint-hearted


In the coming days, America goes to the races. Weekend after next it’s the Kentucky Derby, followed by the Preakness and the Belmont, the Triple Crown.  And this coming weekend, there’s a horse race you may not know about: the Maryland Hunt Cup. The biggest, most demanding event there is …

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