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Growing number of refugees fleeing U.S. to Canada


NEW YORK — “Do you know what you’re doing is illegal?” The warnings from Canadian police are mostly ignored. Towing her baby, video shows one woman struggling through the snow to claim asylum in Canada. A woman and her baby cross into Canada as police await her CBS News She’s …

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When is it OK not to treat cancer?


The Hippocratic Oath advises doctors to first do no harm … words many doctors today are taking to heart when it comes to decisions about cancer treatment. Here’s Barry Petersen:  Lisa Mann was readying for a double mastectomy when she consulted Dr. Laura Esserman and heard two critical words. CBS …

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Immunotherapy: The next frontier in cancer treatment


The effort to unlock the secret within the human immune system is already offering new hope to cancer patients for whom traditional treatments have fallen short. Dr. Jon LaPook reports:  Twelve-year old Ezzy Pineda will tell you what happened to her seems like a miracle. How is she now? “Feeling …

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On the horizon: How dogs may help fight bone cancer


A multitude of potential advances are ON THE HORIZON in the field of cancer research, as reported by Susan Spencer: Meet Zoe. She’s eight years old, full of heart, and these days, does pretty well on only three legs. Yeah, that’s a good girl! Veterinarians, and dogs like Zoe, team …

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Can a simple breath test spot cancer?


A multitude of potential advances are ON THE HORIZON in the field of cancer research, as reported by Susan Spencer: The future of cancer care may take your breath away. Trials to see if a simple breath test can spot cancer are underway at the University of Southern California, where …

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Are these skydiving dogs poachers' worst enemies?


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — Meet Arrow and his handler, Henry Holtshyzen. Harnessed together, they take off across the vast wildlife preserve. Arrow seems unperturbed, even as they hurl themselves out of the helicopter, falling more than 6,000 feet to earth — and landing in the middle of the poaching wars. …

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How Trump voters see the fight to replace Obamacare


RACINE, Wis. — Jim Monosa’s lawnmower and snowblower business in Racine has hit some hard times. The lack of snow this winter for one thing, and Obamacare for another. “It seems like we’re working seven days a week and we don’t have any more to show for it,” Monsoa said. …

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Panetta: Trump's claim "undermines" presidency


Washington listens when Leon Panetta speaks. He was President Clinton’s chief of staff, the CIA director when Osama bin Laden was killed, and defense secretary under President Obama. That is why Scott Pelley asked Panetta for his perspective on President Trump’s various outbursts in recent weeks, including the unproven charge …

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GOP's health bill hits this group especially hard, advocates say


WASHINGTON — Republicans began pushing their Obamacare replacement bill through two House committees Wednesday, trying to outpace mounting criticism. First the American Medical Association came out against it. Then the AARP did, warning “this bill would … dramatically increase health care costs for Americans aged 50-64” in the individual market. …

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Deadly wildfires devastate southern Plains


WOODWARD COUNTY, Okla. — Firefighters on Tuesday are attacking explosive wildfires tearing through Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado. At least six people have died, more than a million acres have burned — and thousands have been forced from their homes. Deadly wildfires are sweeping across four states in the southern …

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