Wednesday , November 22 2017
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Powerful women lend their voices to help stop sexual harassment


CBS News has suspended “CBS This Morning” co-host Charlie Rose over claims of sexual misconduct, made by several women at his private production company. This story brings new emphasis to the #MeToo campaign, which is giving a voice to many women who say they’ve experienced sexual harassment and abuse. CBS …

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Researchers find "simple" way to hack Amazon Key


Cybersecurity researchers are raising concerns about Amazon’s new service that lets drivers deliver packages inside your home. Amazon Key is a way for drivers to unlock and relock your door and record their entry with a wireless security camera, but that convenience may come with a serious risk. The findings …

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From student debt to side hustles, millennials talk finances


“CBS This Morning” is partnering with digital media company Refinery 29 for a new series about millennials called My Generation. Millennials — the generation  born between the early 1980s and mid-90s — outnumber the Baby Boomers and Generation X. They are an increasingly influential force in American society and are making their mark …

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LuLaRoe founders respond to pyramid scheme accusations


The co-founders of popular clothing retailer LuLaRoe are speaking out about recent allegations against the company. LuLaRoe, which has thousands of independent sellers nationwide, has been hit with a number of complaints about quality and refund policies. A recent $1 billion lawsuit alleges it is a pyramid scheme. The company has …

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How one police department is tackling cop bias


By its very nature, police work can put officers in the middle of highly-charged situations that sometimes run the risk of escalating into violence. Now, one police department is looking to better train its officers to keep such confrontations from getting out of control. The Milwaukee Police Department’s effort to …

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#MeToo: Stories of sexual abuse and harassment flood the internet


A huge number of sexual assault and harassment survivors are sharing their stories online. An untold number of women posted “me too” and revealed their deeply intimate experiences of abuse. Their stories flooded social media and painted a picture of just how many people endure sexual abuse and harassment every …

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Bringing back supersonic flight, with quieter sonic booms


This past weekend, at Edwards Air Force Base in California, the U.S. Air Force celebrated the 70th anniversary of Captain Chuck Yeager becoming the first pilot to fly faster than the speed of sound. Yeager, now 94, was there to commemorate the event. The only commercial passenger plane that flew …

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Instagram COO on creating "technology for kindness"


Instagram began as a simple digital photo app. Now, an estimated 800 million people use the social network every month – up from 500 million users in the summer of 2016. That growth is largely driven by video. Chief Operating Officer Marne Levine is managing the expansion of the company, …

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