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9 college majors with the biggest gender pay gap


Mirko Popadic, Getty Images/iStockphoto The gender pay gap is largely understood by economists to be an enduring problem in the labor market, but the causes continue to spark debate. Occupational sorting, or how women and men sift themselves into traditional “female” and “male” jobs, is one explanation for why women …

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5 cars turning heads at the New York Auto Show


Mary Altaffer, AP Just as the latest “The Fast and the Furious” sequel is debuting, automakers at the New York International Auto Show clearly think some of their customers still have a need for speed. Jeep proudly rolled out a 707-horsepower Grand Cherokee that it says can go from zero …

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5 cars that deliver the best value over 5 years


Getty Images/iStockphoto When you are shopping for a new car, you of course compare models looking for the best price. But don’t forget other ongoing costs that can make or break your automotive budget. “Sometimes factors other than price, such as depreciation, maintenance and fuel costs, can significantly increase total …

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9 things to know about selling a home in spring 2017


Photo courtesy of Shutterstock Planning on selling a home this spring? It’s time to get ready. While mortgage rates have risen in the last year, experts say 2017 will still see strong home sales as job growth continues and people who’d been waiting to enter the market take the plunge …

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America's 11 highest paying careers in 2017


Jakub Jirsak, Getty Images/iStockphoto Even though the U.S. economy is growing, many Americans continue to struggle with stagnating wages and few opportunities for professional growth. So where are the jobs that pay well and offer strong career paths? Most of them are clustering in a handful of fast-growing industries, such …

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9 jobs with the oldest American workers


Getty Images/iStockphoto America is showing its age. The county is increasingly getting older, and population growth is expected to slow and tilt toward the oldest age groups by 2050. The demographic shift will affect everything from demand for health care services to the shape of the workforce, which already is …

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The 11 toughest states for first-time home buyers


Getty Images/iStockphoto The run-up in housing prices means first-time buyers are increasingly hitting a wall when they search for affordable properties. Since the recession ended, builders have focused on the higher end of the market, pegging their products to the rising fortunes of America’s upper middle class. Last year, more …

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The 9 worst U.S. cities to own a car


Getty Images/iStockphoto By Derek Miller/SmartAsset The number of Americans driving to work alone is on the rise, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau. With the increase in drivers comes traffic, which means more time and money spent idling in cars. Some cities are better equipped to deal with …

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5 great year-end luxury car lease deals


BMW People who drive luxury cars have always liked to lease them. But for the first time this year, it appears that luxury dealers will lease more cars than they sell. reports that leasing is on track to hit 51 percent of luxury transactions. That number has risen from …

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The top-paying and lowest-paying college majors


Getty Images/iStockphoto Below are the typical earnings for the remaining 40 majors, ranging from No. 6 to No. 45. 6. Information Technology: $64,008 7. Civil Engineering: $61,500 8. Statistics: $60,000 9. Nursing: $58,928 10. Management information systems: $58,000 11. Finance: $54,900 12. Mathematics: 54,018 13. Biomedical engineering: $52,814 14. Accounting: …

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