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The 9 most in-demand jobs that pay more than $100,000


phototechno A six-figure job is often seen as the hallmark of success, but how difficult is it to find one? Workers in certain high-paying professions are likely to face a tougher time securing a job, based on a combination of demand, skills and industry trends. Many of the six-figure jobs …

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Keep your pet safe from summer health hazards


A dog named Arrow wears booties designed to protect paws from hot pavement at a PetSmart in Tempe, Ariz., on June 20, 2017, as temperatures topped 100 degrees. Angie Wang / AP Just as extremely high temperatures can be harmful to people, the heat can be hard on an animal’s …

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10 homes with incredible vertical gardens


Photo courtesy of Hector Armando Herrera It’s time to think outside the flower box. For many homeowners, a love of the outdoors clashes with the realities of small spaces. How do you plant a garden when you hardly have the space for your barbecue grill, let alone that patio set …

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9 jobs with the fastest wage growth


adrian825 The post-recession years haven’t been kind to many workers, with all but the top-earners suffering from years of wage stagnation. That trend may be shifting, thanks to a tight labor market that’s putting pressure on companies to compete for workers, including in some entry-level fields. Minimum wage hikes in …

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10 outdoor ideas for boosting the value of your home


Photo courtesy of Zillow Spring is the season to get head outdoors and enjoy the smell of freshly cut lawns and blooming flowers. As many homeowners get ready to spend their time and hard-earned cash on improving their landscaping for a fresh start, it’s also a great time to think …

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5 of the best car lease deals you can get now


kzenon With U.S. auto sales down almost five percent from a year ago, manufacturers are ramping up the incentives to move cars off the lot. That translates to some of the best lease deals seen in a while, with monthly payments starting just below $150. Leasing isn’t for everyone. On …

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10 questions renters shouldn't forget to ask


Photo courtesy of Shutterstock May is National Moving Month, and this one promises big things for renters. The construction market is recovering from the Great Recession, and more new rental units are becoming available this year, said Patrick Dodson, vice president of marketing at the CoStar Group, a real estate …

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7 of the best late-model used cars you can buy


Lorenzo Patoia In shopping for a used car, of course you want a slick-looking, great-driving, reliable model. But you also want to know it won’t lose too much value if you’re ready to sell it a few years later. Combining these two approaches, used-car shopping and research site has …

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9 college majors with the biggest gender pay gap


Mirko Popadic, Getty Images/iStockphoto The gender pay gap is largely understood by economists to be an enduring problem in the labor market, but the causes continue to spark debate. Occupational sorting, or how women and men sift themselves into traditional “female” and “male” jobs, is one explanation for why women …

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5 cars turning heads at the New York Auto Show


Mary Altaffer, AP Just as the latest “The Fast and the Furious” sequel is debuting, automakers at the New York International Auto Show clearly think some of their customers still have a need for speed. Jeep proudly rolled out a 707-horsepower Grand Cherokee that it says can go from zero …

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