Saturday , April 22 2017
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Dispute heats over who should own 8 "Lunar Bibles"


TULSA, Okla. — Ten microfilm Bibles once launched hundreds of thousands of miles into space sit landlocked today inside an Oklahoma courthouse while a legal battle rages in two states over who is the rightful owner of the celestial keepsakes. Eight of the 10 tiny holy books in dispute landed on …

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In Alaska, budget cuts threaten the fight against climate change


The 47th Earth Day on Saturday was marked by hundreds of rallies around the world to support the sciences and defend climate research that the White House is threatening to no longer fund.  Alaska may be ground zero for these cuts, despite environmental changes that have scientists deeply concerned. Jeremy Mathis, …

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WikiLeaks releases more CIA docs as U.S. weighs charges


WASHINGTON — WikiLeaks released what it claims is the 31-page user guide for a CIA device code-named “Weeping Angel.” It can turn some Samsung TVs into surveillance tools with an implant for recording audio from a TV’s built-in microphone. Posted online Friday, the release is the latest dump of classified …

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Marijuana tax money helping Colorado students pay for college


DENVER — Marijuana is a $1.3 billion industry in Colorado, and the ensuing tax revenue is helping students pay for college. Pueblo County is one area benefiting from an influx of marijuana tax money. Now the county is doing something that’s a first in Colorado: distributing pot-funded scholarships to college students. …

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No wait at heaven's gate, quips Mike Bloomberg


Billionaire media mogul and philanthropist Michael Bloomberg is so confident he’s lived a good life, he jokes to Steve Kroft he can skip the interview with St. Peter at the Golden Gate.  The Bloomberg L.P. founder and former three-term mayor of New York also talks about his past designs on …

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San Francisco power outage snarls traffic, closes businesses


SAN FRANCISCO — A power outage struck a wide area of San Francisco on Friday, blacking out utility customers, snarling traffic as intersection signals went dark and stopping the famed cable cars for a time. Pacific Gas & Electric crews were assessing the problem and there was no immediate estimate …

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Mars rover embarks on new mission


NASA’s veteran Mars rover Opportunity has been driving across the Red Planet’s surface for more than 13 years, but it’s not done exploring yet.  The tenacious robot has embarked on yet another leg of its historic mission, seeking more evidence of Mars’ watery history as it rolls onward around the …

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