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Coal miners find new work in computer industry


CLENDENIN, W. Va. — The coal industry has lost more than 40 percent of its workforce in recent years. Out-of-work miners have had to find jobs in other fields.  Former miners are heading to the classroom, using many of the same skills they used underground.  In Boone County, West Virginia, …

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Can Alabama's evangelicals carry Roy Moore to victory?


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — One woman after another trooped to the microphone on Friday to sing the praises of Roy Moore, including his wife Kayla. “He will not step down,” Kayla Moore said.  Moore’s campaign this week has been a bullhorn tribute to his character. “To the people of Alabama, thank …

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One man's secret to living stronger is going from 18 wheels to 2


Living Stronger is a CBS Evening News series celebrating the people leading the way to longevity — and inspiring the rest of us.     DENVER — What’s the secret to living stronger? For one man, it’s addiction by subtraction — in his case, going from 18 wheels to two.  The Red Rocks near Denver are …

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House Republicans set to pass massive package of tax cuts


House Republicans are set to pass a massive package of corporate and individual tax cuts on Thursday.  On Wednesday, Democrats were fuming when Republicans in the Senate put out their own tax plan, which would repeal Obamacare’s individual mandate. The mandate requires most Americans to have health insurance or pay a …

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Women on Capitol Hill speak out about sexual harassment


WASHINGTON — On Capitol Hill, female members of Congress say they have been the victims of sexual harassment. “This is about a member who is here now,” U.S. Rep. Barbara Comstock said. “I don’t know who it is.” The Virginia Republican told her colleagues Tuesday about one of their fellow …

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